New Medical Guidelines on Baby Flat Head

It is good news that the Medical world is starting to take plagiocephaly more seriously.  On 28 November 2011 the American Association of Pediatrics issued guidance for paediatricians to help prevent, diagnose and manage positional skull deformities in otherwise healthy babies.  The guidance recommends that at baby wellness check-ups paediatricians should advise parents on how to avoid baby flat head syndrome.  Lets hope the UK follows suit.

This is another reason why parents should ensure they take their babies for regular wellness check-ups.  If any flattening is starting to occur, as with all things, the earlier action is taken the better.  More than half of babies suffering from a flattened head will greatly improve just by following some simple practical techniques to prevent and treat baby flat head.

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  1. Claire
    January 21, 2012 | 2:51 pm

    Great website.  Very useful information.

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