Baby Goodie Box

300x250 Get 50% Off First Month

I recently found out about an American company called Bluum and had to share as I think this is a fab idea. They specialise in trying out new products for mum and baby and provide boxes of goodies which have been responsibly sourced, are free of dangerous chemicals and, in most cases, have been organically manufactured.

They have a panel of testers whose mission is to evaluate whether a brand or product is good enough to join Bluum's line-up of products. They currently have more than 350 brands and over 1000 different products, to cover pregnancy and all the way through to pre-school.

Box prices start from as little as $20.99 per month, but every box has a value of at least $40, which makes it great value and a lovely treat to look forward to each month. You can choose whether to receive a box every month, 3 months, 6 months or yearly. Would make a great present for a new mum!

Each box contains 5 or more full-size products for baby/child, plus one or two surprises for mum too!  The contents of your box are selected especially for you based on information you provide about your little one, so you receive a personalised box with the best selection of goodies just for them.

You can also review products yourself to earn points for free months.

At the moment they are running a special offer of 50% off your first box, which you can access through the link below. Let me know what you think of your box.

120x240 Get 50% Off First Month


Child Blind Safety Update

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Baby Flat Head Advice

baby with baby flat head

I came across an article recently which I think is very well written and shows a very clear photo of a child's head shape flattened by plagiocephaly. I was also pleased to see that the advice of the pediatric neurosurgeon who wrote it mirrors the information given on this website. To read the article please…

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As soon as any parent notices a flat spot on their child's head they start to worry that their child will have a permanently flat head and whether their child will need to wear a helmet.   If action is taken early enough then repostioning therapy can be very effective for positional plagiocephaly and this…

BBC Discusses Baby Helmets

The BBC has been discussiong flat head syndrome and the growing use of corrective helmets, asking "should you be worried about the shape of your baby's head? Lots of parents are. Dr Margaret McCartney questions the growing trend for corrective helmets to treat so called 'flat head syndrome'.   There was an interesting discussion on…

Does Plagiocephaly Cause Developmental Delays?

Parents always worry about whether their child is developing normally and this will not be helped by studies suggesting that infants with flat head syndrome may suffer developmental delays.   In one American study, researchers found that babies with flattened heads were less advanced in their motor skills such as crawling, rolling and being able to…

Plagiocephaly Awareness Day

There is to be a World Plagiocephaly Awareness Day to help raise awareness of baby flat head syndrome.  As part of this, the Steeper Clinic, which provides helmets for infants suffering from flat head syndrome, is holding a Plagiocephaly Awareness Day on 4 April from 10am to 3pm at its new facility in Kingston Upon…

New Medical Guidelines on Baby Flat Head

It is good news that the Medical world is starting to take plagiocephaly more seriously.  On 28 November 2011 the American Association of Pediatrics issued guidance for paediatricians to help prevent, diagnose and manage positional skull deformities in otherwise healthy babies.  The guidance recommends that at baby wellness check-ups paediatricians should advise parents on how…